Here you can learn about viral infections: how they occur, what they do, and how to control them with diet, lifestyle, medicines and nutritional supplementation
New England Journal of Medicine blog showing ~85% "effectiveness" for injections is praised, while real-world clinical experience showing ~85% life-sav…
Everything we "understand" has a structure to it, whether we are aware of the structure or not: A structured checklist liberates cognitive bandwidth, f…
Artists compile reality into images that explain reality back to us
You will encounter manipulators in your life/work/politics, so you'd better know how to identify them and deal with them
While most of my written and presented work is intentionally linear, this particular conversation was more fluid—actually, during most of the time spen…
Para ganar, lo primero es entender = To win, one must first understand
Analysis of "Vitamin D Levels in COVID-19 Outpatients from Western Mexico: Clinical Correlation and Effect of Its Supplementation. J Clin Med 2021 May"
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