IM4update (2) Mitochondrial information processing system 2022 paradigm shift

Update to IM4 = Inflammation Mastery, 4th Edition


How long will it* take you to read this article?

*The process of reading a scientific article while searching for interconnections, implications, and applications differs from casual reading for news or entertainment.

Here, I review “Mitochondrial signal transduction” (understated title) published in Cell Metabolism 2022 Nov by Martin Picard and Orian Shirihai.

This article is remarkably long at 66 pages and more than 400 citations.

Executive summary: “This article qualifies as a masterpiece because of its detail, density, clarity, and implications. For people at the expert level, this is one of the articles we have been waiting for in order to connect concrete terms and mechanistic details with long-held concepts such as “mitochondrial signaling.” Because of its breadth and detail, this article completely changes our views of mitochondrial function and dysfunction, explaining the importance of mitochondrial function and the various phenotypic expressions of dysfunction.” Dr Alex Vasquez Thursday, May 18, 2023


Here, I provide

1) a clean PDF copy of the article, and

2) my review and commentary in video format (40 minutes).

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