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Groupthink and tribalism are closely entwined - and now with social media and choice of different flavours of mass media, the left, woke - vaccinophile - anything (including bullshit, censorship and open borders) but Trump, people maintain their clueless worldview by not reading or viewing all material which is contrary to their faith. They deride or try to suppress contrary perspectives rather than arguing their case.

There are quasi-religious aspects of vaccines. There is a powerful and engrossing fantasy, (thought by the adherents to be true in reality) is that a penetrative injection of a sanctified substance, made far away in the most sophisticated equipment, by the tribe's brightest minds, toiling ceaselessly, will protect the recipient from the evil of whatever virus or bacteria they fear. Accepting the vaccine is further dressed up as a noble sacrifice to protect the community, especially those who are weaker, older and younger, (There would be a significant element of truth to this if the vaccine was genuinely safe and effective AND if there was no no other way to tackle the disease.)

The precious substance, recommended and injected by a member of the priestly class (doctors, or their handmaids, the nurses) is believed to ward off evil spirits in ways which no other intervention can match.

Participants in this cult wear their little "Ouch, the vaccine needle stings and give me a little wound which I cover with a band-aid or two" badges and social media placards with pride. They like to think they made this small sacrifice for the greater good of all mankind.

Individual or group recursive focus on one thing or another leads to its fetishization and elevation above and beyond whatever purpose prompted, and still to some degree underlies, the initial enthusiasm. Women's breasts, thoroughly worthy of men's attention and care, become, for some breast cult adherents, more important that the whole ensemble of a complete, healthy, happy, woman. More is more for some of them, with no proportionate limits, to the point where women, in an attempt to gain income, or even attention, of such men, have their breasts surgically altered, including by what I assume are gas bladders (to fill them with water would be impractical) so they can be inflated on occasion (not when driving or going to the supermarket) to sizes which are grotesque to all non-adherents, and which would sag impossibly (or require stupendous foundation garments) if filled with anything approaching the density of flesh.

Without knowing much about the history, I can imagine that fascism in Germany and Italy (and in the USA and Britain in the 1930s, though it didn't go so far there) was born, in part at least, from a perfectly healthy desire to unite the country, provide for its citizens' needs and recover from the disasters and travesties of the recent past.

(The current developments regarding censorship, social control, etc. in the USA can be seen in this light to some degree if we consider the deeply traumatic experience many on the left had when their pre-anointed presidential choice, Hilary Clinton, was beaten by boorish, unprincipled, inexperienced, incompetent, wealthy, sleazy, gross-to-left-sensibilities, Donald Trump.)

The mechanisms of fascism - a corporate union of state and business (religion too?) - with jingoistic (to its critics), stirring, nationalistic (to its proponents) mass propaganda efforts, with attendant suppression of dissent - are easy to identify in retrospect in Germany and Italy, after the event, with those forces vanquished by the end of the second world war.

The symbols (the Swastika, the salute), the leaders, the methods, the surging social cohesion and ethnic fevers of the fascist movement became objects of desire and worship on their own. There is a quote somewhere, which I can't find now, about how Hitler stated that he wanted to fear Germany's youth. He wanted his handiwork (the transformed young people of the nation) to become a force so powerful in promoting his goals that even he, their creator, would fear their destructive power and vengeance.

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