Dr. Vasquez, I have two questions for you. I have been trying to wrap my mind around the current world wide protocol on treating covid. (and its failings). I have listened and read your post on the article about masks and Carbon dioxide levels and health concerns regarding there use. I have also been exposed to the idea that Covid is an aerosolized virus, which isn’t stopped by a mask, though a mask should stop droplets from a sneeze. In your scouring of the medical literature for relevant articles, have you seen any articles that speak to this theory? I guess my ultimate question is: are masks effective in anyway that you know regarding reducing transmission of covid or are the benefits so marginal that it makes it a worthless practice?

My second question: I have looked at all of your videos i could find on the vaccines and see that it is clear that they do not stop the spread of covid, however, one of their greatest claims in the news now is that they have made a massive effect on reducing the death rates and that most of the deaths in the ICU are being reported to be primarily within the unvaccinated. This seems to me, to be their last bastion of defense to support their agenda to vaccinate the whole world. Could you speak to this sometime? I have seen a few examples showing this not to be true. I recall the case of 14 vaccinated cases that were in the icu that died or have severe reactions, and I believe another report of higher vaccinated cases in the hospital in Massachusetts. But that is all I have found to refute this claim.

Thanks for all your critical thinking and hard work gathering your evidence regarding covid, as well as your amazing book, “Inflammation Mastery” (I originally purchased it as a hardback, but found it so dense with material that I repurchased it for my IPad so that I can more easily study it with out getting carpal tunnel.) Your healthy thinking.substack.com and your book continues to broaden my understanding of what real healthcare, and ethical practice is all about!

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Thought this would interest you, a selenium review as an antiviral on the Dr. Ardis show on telegram


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