Hi Alex - love your articles and post. Do you have to be a citizen or live in Spain to get their insurance?? (serious question!)

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Until Obamacare, I had “cadillac” insurance from my employer-- meaning it covered literally everything but facelifts and tummy tucks. Things changed drastically since 2013 for private insurance and Medicare recipients. Now we have very expensive insurance that doesn’t cover well, and charges are astronomical here.

I believe you are correct tho, in saying there was an initial uptick in cost, and downturn in coverage in the late 80s.

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I have a health share. I have had it for 8 years and I have never actually used or ever met my deductible. I do have coverage across the USA. It does not cover dental etc. I just could not justify having health insurance when I would never use it.

The only thing with the health share is I have to ask for the cash price when going to a medical provider. Which, I have learned is way cheaper than the insurance route! There is a blue book of procedures that is supposed to help out in comparison shopping.

It does cover 12 chiropractor visits (once you have met your deductible)and naturopathic doctors.

I did come across an article written about the health share indicating it had fraudulent activity and denying people proper coverage in times of need. I am thinking it is still better than health insurance. Coming from another country with universal health care, and now living in the US, I am still trying to figure out why Americans think health care is better than Universal health care. I feel we are all being taken for an expensive ride with nothing to show for it but debt.

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Thanks for reading. Well put on the views of our indolence. I am grinning! It has been interesting to see how each country approached mandatory vaccinations. We are the biggest cohort in the history of humanity! I have lived in three countries now, and it is interesting to see the perspectives from inside the US and outside. How long have you been in Spain?

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